cable detection

Cable Detection

Our cable detection services includes locating underground cables and other utilities in the site. Before any construction can take place, we use cable locators to detect the presence and proximity of buried utilities. It is important to accurately locate any buried utilities to avoid outage risks and any injuries or fatalities.

Tracing Underground Cable

Tracing Cable helps to identify cables concerned which will aid in diversion works. A signal would be injected into a cable to analyse the path of the cable through a view by detecting the electromagnetic radiation from above the ground. This allows our team to identify the location of specific cables even with numerous underground cables.

tracing underground cable

Purchase cable plans

Purchase Cable Plans From Authorities

Cable plans can only be bought from the authorities, so you can purchase them through us. We purchase cable plans from the authorities, such as SP Power Grid, SP Power Gas and Singtel. For more information, please contact us through the inquiries forms in the contact tab.

Advise On Precautionary Measure

Site visits would be conducted to understand and discuss about the project. Further professional advises would be given to each client. We advise when you have to submit a Notification for Commencement of Earthworks (NCE) to SPPG, when you have to shift your working area if working near the cables and other solutions you can do when shifiting is not possible.

Advise on Precautionary Measure


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